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This building in Rockland was listing to one side due to a foundation that was improperly installed. As a result of this doors would scrape and be difficult to open and windows would not open or close properly and floors were not level. This was repaired by sliding steel beams under the building and lifting the structure off of the failed foundation. The old foundation was removed and replaced with a foundation that was formed and poured under the existing building. A wooden wall was then built to span between the concrete and the sill at the base of the house.The home was then set down upon this wall and foundation. The foundation was damp proofed and backfilled, the wooden framed wall was insulated and covered with siding. The steel beams were removed and windows were installed  in the access openings. All necessary permits were pulled at the local town building department This work passed all inspections and was signed off by the Building Inspector. This work was all completed by Eastern Pumpers. The permitting was also issued to us. Eastern Pumpers is a licensed contracting company. We have all the necessary licenses and insurance to be able to apply for and obtain a building permit for your project. Give us a call for any consultation or a free estimate.