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This shows the severe cracking and settlement of a pool deck that was resurfaced in Easton, MA. The original surface was worn by the elements, so it became pourous an rough. The cracking was a result of settling soil and frost heaves.

This picture shows the same pool deck after it the cracks were filled and the surface was coated. The brick perimeter is also part of the topical coating.

This is the mount for the diving board. You can see how rough and uneven it was.

This shows the same area after the resurfacing. You can see that the low areas have been filled and the decorative brick veneer is on the perimeter.
Eastern Pumpers is also a certified installer of Elitecrete epoxy floor systems. These epoxy floor coatings can be applied in residential or commercial buildings. Epoxy is not only durable but decorative,and comes in many different colors and patterns. It is an ideal floor covering for manufacturing buildings, repair shops and residential garages. Call us for an estimate on any of your concrete resurfacing or epoxy flooring needs.